February 13, 2018

Uganda to introduce the “panty condom”

“You can wear it and walk around with it for a whole day if you anticipate sex later that day,” says Dr. Moses Muwonge, director of the SAMASHA Medical foundation in Uganda.

The Foundation recently shared information about a new panty condom with journalists in an AVAC-Internews training program in Uganda, and journalists have reported on this innovation in all of the major media outlets in the country. Dr. Muwonge told the journalists that sexually transmitted infections (STIs) are a huge burden for Uganda. This is because condom use is low: a recent study conducted indicated that condoms were used effectively only 17% of the time. As a result, young girls have unwanted pregnancies and contract STIs.

Enter the panty condom: Dr. Muwonge’s organization is currently undertaking an acceptability study to find out what people think about it and if they will be willing to use it.

The condoms were first introduced in Colombia and are currently registered for use in some European countries, such as Germany.

The product is basically a panty that is like a G-string, which has a condom attached to it, with an inlet. A woman can wear it and go for work without the condom interfering with her work, says Dr. Muwonge. And each panty condom comes with an extra condom, which can be inserted in the panty after the first one has been used.

For Dr. Muwonge, it’s about choice and giving women the power to control their sexual health. “It is good for women who have been frustrated by men who do not want to use condoms”.

Time will tell if Ugandan women will opt for the panty condom.