February 19, 2019

Safety concerns again affect Ebola response in DRC

International aid agency Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) has suspended work in an area of Democratic Republic of Congo close to where authorities are fighting an outbreak of Ebola, after two local staff members were abducted by gunmen, reports The Telegraph.

"On the February 8, MSF lost contact with two colleagues following an incident that took place between Nyabiondo and Masisi, North-Kivu province," an MSF spokesperson said. "Following that incident, MSF decided to suspend partially its activities in the health zone of Masisi. The staff have since returned safely. "In order to ensure its team security, MSF reduced its staff on the field but continue to provide vital medical care in the General Hospital of Masisi."

All other MSF activities, including its work to control Ebola, in the vast North Kivu province will continue as normal. 

According to the latest WHO Ebola update, the volatile security situation in North Kivu “at times limits the implementation of response activities,” with the risk of the disease spreading regionally or nationally still very high.