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Internews’ goal when it comes to global health is simple: to ensure free, easy access to quality local health information so that individuals, communities, and governments can make informed decisions to protect, improve, and save lives.  Our understanding of that this means as practitioners continues to evolve in the wake of Ebola, the evolving HIV/AIDS crisis in many parts of the world and the ongoing effort to provide health care to poorest and most underserved populations.

Internews works with local media, activists, health workers and governments to design effective, local health information solutions that work across health systems to increase the reach and sustainability of health programming.  Health information, governance, and product and service delivery programs can all be improved significantly when effective, local information in languages people can understand is a part of the solution.

The importance of communication is a no- brainer. Medical hubris has led us to believe that drugs can solve health problems. But people need to know about the drugs.”
— Peter Piot, London School of Hygiene.

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Beyond health programming, Internews works to ensure people have the information they need across the globe.

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Internews partners with local organizations to support sustainable locally-relevant projects. 

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Banner image: A National Geographic Photo Camp in Kisii, Kenya turned fifteen journalists into photo journalists. Credit: Lynn Johnson